Commercial Photo Gallery

Water seeps through basement floor in City of Prescott City Hall

IR photo shows water continuing to seep through the floor in Prescott City Hall

Prescott had an unusually wet month in Spring 2020, and water seeped through the floor continuously for two weeks in this large commercial building. SERVPRO of Flagstaff/East Sedona was called in to remedy the situation!

Drying fans in Water Damaged Commercial Building

Drying fans in water damaged commercial building in Flagstaff, AZ

SERVPRO of Flagstaff/East Sedona will remove any materials that have been affected by the water damage. We use fans and dehumidifying equipment to pull the moisture out of building materials. We monitor the drying daily and continue until everything is verifiably dry.

Large drying equipment in a commercial building in Cottonwood, AZ.

Large Drying Equipment in Cottonwood, AZ

This commercial building needed the big guns. We piped in very dry air as the humid air was sucked out, aiding the drying after a burst pipe. SERVPRO of Flagstaff/East Sedona Licensed Technicians went to the building everyday to monitor the drying process until the work was complete. Give us a call about water damage in your home or business!

condensation on ac register in humid flooded commercial building

Condensation on AC register in Commercial Building

This commercial building in Cottonwood AZ was so humid from sitting flooded due to a water leak that water was condensing on everything. Even the ceiling drywall had water damage.

SERVPRO crew in flooded commercial building

SERVPRO crew in flooded commercial building in Cottonwood AZ

Here's Perry our crew chief in a flooded commercial building in Cottonwood AZ. This dental office / dental manufacturing building was completely waterlogged. A failed valve sprayed water constantly for about a month. Now it's "Like it never even happened."