Water Damage Photo Gallery

IR image shows water damage in ceiling in Sedona

IR image ceiling after upstairs condo had a pipe leak

The upstairs condo not only had their own water damage, but this condo got it as well. We worked with both insurance companies on this loss and it was seamlessly taken care of with just the deductible paid by the upstairs owner.

Drying a building in Cottonwood

Nothing restores a water leak like heat, fans and dehumidifiers

Make sure you call in Flagstaff's professional water damage restoration team if you have a water leak or a flood. We have the equipment and experience to make 100% sure it's dry.

Drying equipment in a home in Flagstaff, AZ. There was water damage due to frozen pipes that burst.

Drying equipment in Flagstaff AZ

SERVPRO of Flagstaff/East Sedona dried this vacation house after their pipes froze and burst.  Our SERVPRO Licensed Technicians will come to your home or business and set up the necessary equipment, and they will come back everyday to monitor the process until everything is completely dry.

water pours from wet insulation

Water pours from wet insulation in Williams AZ

Responding to an emergency water cleanup call in Williams AZ, our sensors told us that the ceiling was full of water. Sure enough when we opened it up it poured out. Calling a mom and pop for restoration work is risking them missing something like this and an unpleasant discovery of mold later.

Drying equipment in Williams AZ

Drying equipment in historic home in Williams AZ

A valve failed in this historic house in Williams AZ while the homeowner was away for the weekend. It flooded the upstairs hardwood and the entire downstairs. In this picture you can see the specialty drying equipment used during the dryout.

SERVPRO van in West Flagstaff responding to a burst pipe that flooded a home

SERVPRO van in Flagstaff

Here we are responding to a burst pipe in West Flagstaff AZ. Burst pipes are common in the winter. If you notice that the weather is cold enough to freeze your pipes, then make sure you leave your faucets dripping, and open the cabinets under the sink so that the pipes are getting better access to warm air. If your pipes do burst, then give us a call.